A new study reveals the prices charged by cybercriminals to illegally access corporate computers.


Deep internet is a space where cyber criminals and those who wish to make use of their illegal services meet.

Since the Flashpoint firm they have analyzed the fees charged by hackers to their customers for achieving remote access to company PCs .

In the study they explain that cybercriminals are taking advantage of easy to crack passwords that are used to access Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) services.

Hackers with the correct password will be able to access an enterprise network , and do so without the victim noticing it.

The prices that cybercriminals charge for access to corporate PCs range between $ 3 for systems governed by Windows XP and $ 9 when it comes to Windows 10 , reaching in some special cases up to a maximum of $ 15 .

The Flashpoint investigation determined that the companies most affected by illegal access to their systems, operate in sectors such as health, education, government and retail , report in < a href = "http://www.zdnet.com/article/dark-web-vendors-are-selling-remote-access-to-corporate-pcs-for-as-little-as-3/" target = " _blank "> ZDNet .