They say that Doom runs on any platform and hackers have taken seriously the task of making the legendary game id Software work everywhere. More than a year ago they managed to make it run on the touch screen of a kitchen robot and in a McDonalds cash register , the next step for the community is to take it to the new Game & Watch that Nintendo put on sale recently to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

This curious fact is The work of youtuber stackmashing, who had previously explained how the hacking process of the console was. After the community asked him to run Doom on Nintendo’s commemorative laptop in his first video, the hacker set about trying different settings to achieve this.

In the following video the hacker explains the whole process to get Doom to run on this new platform, clarifying that many details need to be optimized. He also comments that he has plans to make more homebrew for the laptop.

To learn more about this special edition Nintendo console you can check this note . We remind you that if you live in Mexico, pre-sales began recently , with an estimated delivery date of May 2021.