Imagine that you are driving your motorcycle on a lost road in Japan and, suddenly, you find a giant Sonic hanging from a tree and with a snowboard. Amazing, right? Well, this is what happened to a group of youtubers in 2015, when they revealed that this statue was somewhere in Mie prefecture , in the Kansai region.

To round out the insanity, recently someone repaired and put it back in place, as reflected in the Badnik Mechanic video . The Sonic figure looks gorgeous and shiny and has already become a attraction for fans of the blue hedgehog. But the mystery was still burning, as the statue lacked a mark or plaque to explain what it is.

Actually, it was in 2009 when various Internet users documented her existence, but it seems that it is now in 2020 when more has been found out about her. A few months ago YouTube channel TheGamingBeaver discovered that the statue originated from SegaWorld < / a> and was sold at auction after it was remodeled.

The most curious thing about the story is that it seems to be that the buyer lives on a path behind the statue and he placed it there as a landmark to direct his guests to the house. What is not known is if the owner is behind the remodel. That remains a mystery to this day.

While we wait to learn more details of this story , Sonic fans have reason to be excited about the future. Last year it was confirmed that SEGA is working on a new game and also recently we had the reveal of the release date of the second blue hedgehog movie .