Thanks to the content created by fans, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has improved the appearance of its skies, its trees, and its global illumination. But what about its seabed and riverbeds? Depths of Skyrim is a new mod focusing on the underwater areas of Skyrim, almost forgotten until now.

This addition to the Bethesda classic increases the number of aquatic plants, animals, rocks and corals, also improving the appearance of submerged areas. In addition, Depths of Skyrim adds new unmarked treasures that are waiting to be found by players, the perfect excuse to explore the game map again in the purest Jacques Cousteau style.

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can download Depths of Skyrim from Nexus Mods, and if you still want to renew your gaming experience in this Nirn territory, do not forget to try this mod with new gods for Skyrim that changes important game mechanics.