Whether spying on the network traffic unencrypted or creating points of access to false, the criminals become unsafe to use wireless connections.

Connect to the Internet through wireless networks is not always the best of ideas. It is dangerous when it comes to networks operated by unknown, open to all the world.

From Kasperky Lab explain that hackers can use these networks to gain sensitive information.

there are Those who resort to the method “to hear by accident”, which is nothing more than spy on. Or performing crawls of the network traffic to get passwords and files of a certain utility as the cookies. Cybercriminals are able to intercept these data, when the networks are not properly protected. The WEP protocol, without going any further, would leave users at risk.

on the other hand, is the trick of the access points fake. “We place some confidence in the places that we visited and the criminals are taking advantage by creating networks with the name of those spaces as a hotel or cafe”, explains Kaspersky Lab, fooling their victims. To this contributes the fact that the devices can remember networks pre to connect automatically in future.

For all of this, experts recommend the use of only infrastructure of trust. And implement a series of measures such as avoid financial transactions if at the end you end up using open networks, disable wifi when not to navigate and clean up the list of networks remembered.