The company that suffered the cyberattack that caused the fall of important websites such as Twitter and Amazon, has revealed details on how it occurred.


The DNS service provider known as Dyn has explained that the DDoS attack suffered by its servers last Friday had its origin in malware Mirai , which was used to exploit hundreds of thousands of connected devices.

The virulence of the attack was enormous and with serious effects, since it managed to keep out of service the websites of ICT giants for several hours such as Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, Spotify or Netflix.


Hackers who perpetrated the attack took advantage of the poor security present in IP cameras and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices , collected in ITProPortal .

In that sense, it has been revealed that Mirai malware takes control of the devices in a simple way, since uses the default usernames and passwords on them.


The DDoS attack on Friday was the first to use large-scale IoT devices, and highlights the need to raise awareness among users to control the security of all household appliances that can connect to the internet.