The iPhone X was the first iPhone to exceed $ 1,000. How much will Apple’s new phone cost?


The family of smartphones iPhone will add a new member throughout today. At least that is what is expected of the special event that Apple has prepared for 7 pm, Spanish peninsular time.

And, in addition to its characteristics, it remains to be revealed what its price will be.

If you follow the trend of previous models, it is expected to increase. Although it remains to be seen if there will be a more expensive and cheaper version, such as when the iPhone 5c was introduced. Or as with the iPhone SE.

Of course, according to a infographic published by Statista , which collects value in the United States, the cost has almost always been rising.

Although of the $ 499 of the original 4GB iPhone and the $ 599 of the 8GB iPhone was passed between 2008 and 2014 to a version of $ 199 (and even $ 99, which was the case of the iPhone 5c of 16 GB), since then it has not been lowered of the 399 dollars minimum.

In fact, without counting the iPhone SE of 16 GB and $ 399 , the cheapest iPhone of those presented in 2015 and 2016 was worth $ 649 . In 2017 it was already at $ 699 at least, with the iPhone 8 64GB. The most expensive? The 256GB iPhone X, priced at $ 1,149.

The iPhone X was the first iPhone to exceed $ 1,000 . Where will the new smartphone from Apple place the limit? And what will be its price in euros?