The followers of the NieR saga are congratulations , as there are new games on the way from Square Enix , such as NieR Replicant . For fans of the saga, NieR: Automata was a great title and has < b> many followers all over the world. The Square Enix title marked many players, who are sure to be delighted with the new figures that will be launched on the market in 2022.

Square Enix has announced what the new figures that will be marketed with Prime 1 Studio will be like. On the one hand, one of the figures has the models of the androids 2B, 9S and A2 ; on the other, there is a figure of 2B alone . Both will be part of the exclusive Masterline line , a series that has creations of large size and excellent quality, such as Capcom announced Dante from Devil May Cry . < / p>

The figure of 2B, 9S and A2 will have a height of 62.23 cm, a width of 62.23 cm and a depth of 58.16 cm ( scale 1: 4 ), in addition to having a level of detail in models and enormous clothing. It will have two editions : the basic, which costs $ 2,849 and the deluxe, which is priced at $ 3,399 . The deluxe will let you customize a bit and, according to Siliconera , it will allow you to change the hairstyle, clothes and even remove the bandage that the characters have on their eyes.

Finally, the 2B figure costs $ 979 and is 55.12 cm high, 28.45 cm width and depth of 44.96 cm ( scale 1: 4 also ). As you can see in the different videos that accompany the news, the figures have incredible quality . If you have not played Nier: Automata or are a big fan, we recommend remember our analysis of this great game, which has sold almost five million copies .