In full celebration of the 60th anniversary of SEGA comes an unexpected and interesting document, especially for lovers of intrahistories of classic console developments. In one of the videos that the Japanese company has published to narrate the history of the company, Hiroyuki Miyazaki , producer and manager of the brand, has shown the design of Venus , Nomad’s original prototype, the portable console that the firm launched exclusively in North America in 1995.

A curiosity that will surely dazzle the fans millions of SEGA followers. Venus is the first prototype of a console almost unknown to the world , and it barely sold a million units sold, being a commercial failure after being born to try to fight directly with the Nintendo Game Boy. < / p>

As we can get an idea from its name, in the nineties, SEGA saw fit to use planets of the solar system to bring the codenames of your consoles to life. Venus was one of them but it stayed in prototype, like Moon for Mega Drive or Mercury for Game Gear.

Even a console came under this premise, as was SEGA Saturn ; Venus could have been another one on the list, but she was left with a prototype that we see now for the first time, and that differs from the final version that North American users received.