This is what the Strategy Analytics consultancy believes, which also foresees that the phones bearing the seal of the Chinese LeECo will experience a 541% growth in 2016.


Not everything on the market smartphone is Android or iOS. The competition is not even reduced to famous alternatives like Windows or BlackBerry.

There are also mobiles that use less known operating systems but just as willing to have their popularity plot. This is the case of YunOS , the operating system that depends on AliCloud , a subsidiary of the Chinese giant Alibaba .

This Linux-based software can operate on both mobile phones and other devices such as the wearables or connected devices of the Internet of Things, as well as decoders and smart cars, as well aim from Strategy Analytics .

This consultant explains that sales of smartphones with YunOS evolved strongly over the past year. And, now, they would have everything to get a first great achievement.

If analyst calculations do not fail, this year will reach 100 million smartphones with YunOS operating system . And even that figure will be exceeded. This does not mean that all these units will be distributed between January and December of this year, but that they would be accumulated shipments.

Alibaba-backed smartphones are not the only ones that will complete a favorable 2016. Those bearing the seal of LeECo, another Chinese firm, are expected to experience a growth of 541 %.