it Is estimated that will reach up to 1,300 million euros.

The Black Friday is a recent phenomenon that has not yet reached ceiling. In fact, the estimates for this year are 1,300 million euros in sales online.

This is the same thing that say that the online sales Black Friday 2018 will be a 13 % higher the Black Friday 2017.

These data have been unveiled during the event How to implement digital strategies with a success for Black Friday Making Science.

The CEO of this consulting firm, José Antonio Martínez, remember that the e-commerce “it is generating new dynamics of consumption”. According to data handled, “5.3% of sales for the year are made in a single day”.

“This leads to a concentration in time of the demand, which means new challenges for companies such as scalability or speed of process management”, pointing.

As the pattern to follow is recommended, among other things, to take care of the SEO. And is that in the past four years, searches for “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” would have been multiplied by 14.

Here it should be noted that the phenomenon of Black Friday is not limited to a single day, but that is just expanding for at least 10 days previous search and later, where the influence on deals of the own Cyber Monday.

according To the numbers from Google, the category with more searches in this period is the “technology“. Takes 58% of the volume of searches.