Gartner, which expects no growth until 2018, warns that “the global market of devices is stalled”.

In the course of this year there will be much movement in terms of device sales. Or, rather, there will not be many changes compared to what happened during 2017.

The consulting firm Gartner predicted that shipments of computers, known as ultra-mobile, tablets and mobile phones to stay again in the 2.300 million units. So, it will not be until 2018 when it will return to the path of growth, with some increase in the categories of ultra-mobile and phones.

“The global market of devices is stalled”, values Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner. “shipments of mobile phones are only growing in emerging markets of Asia and the Pacific, and the market of PCs is coming in the bottom of their decline”. Atwal adds on emerging markets that people “you still see the smartphone as their main computing device, and replaces more regularly” users “mature markets”.

“in Addition to the decrease in the growth of shipments of devices traditional”, declares Atwal, “the average prices of sales are also starting to stagnate due to the saturation of the market as a lower rate of innovation. The consumers”, therefore, “they have less reasons to upgrade or buy devices traditional” and they begin to search for “experiences and applications that are more fresh in emergent categories” as is the case of the wearables, the helmets of virtual reality, or the personal assistants.