One of the most repeated criticisms by players during the early access of Torchlight 3 on Steam was related to its skill tree, and the few customization options presented by this long-awaited action-role-playing game developed by one of the parents of legendary Diablo . Situation that has led to the Echtra Inc team. has introduced a major update, the last of this Early Access , which improves the Relics system thus responding to fan requests.

Relic system provides incredible improvements to the game experience Max Schaefer «When we first released Torchlight III in early access for Steam, we received a lot of Skill-related suggestions, specifically the Relic system, «commented veteran Max Schaefer. «We wanted this title to be more accessible to all action RPG fans, so we kept in close contact with the gaming community to find out exactly what their expectations were in this new adventure. The result is the new update ‘< b> Relic Subclass ‘, which provides incredible improvements to the game experience. Annihilating hordes of goblins is now more fun than ever! «, adds the creative.

< p class = 's16 fftext c2 lh27 img100 a_n'> With this new Relic system, they report, players will have many more options to build characters that suit their play style, as a gigantic skill tree and five powerful Relics , each with new Relic Activation abilities. In addition, they continue in an official writing, «the update includes one of the most anticipated changes by the gaming community: the inclusion of additional skill spaces , which now add up to a total of nine (all compatible with command) «.

» After selecting a class, they will be able to choose their own Relic, a special item that includes a number of abilities active and passive.There are five Relics, each with its association of elements and powers, such as ‘Scourge’, which summons a group of poisonous spiders, «they comment in their official statement.» Players must choose their Relic wisely, as it will become a part essential and permanent character of his character «.

You can check our first impressions of Torchlight 3 to know in detail what this action and role-playing video game that will arrive at the end of the year on PC offers , Xbox One and PS4. Currently you can buy Torchlight 3 on Steam , in its Early Access version.