The security software company has expanded user protection capabilities.


With the name of Trend Micro Security 2017 the computer security company has launched its new range of software, with which it claims to have increased user protection against ransomware , malicious threats, identity theft and new varieties of malware present on the internet.

The new version of Trend Micro Security offers an additional protection layer to protect the most valuable files and memories of users, and thanks to the new Folder Shield function , prevents ransomware from encrypting irreplaceable files on the PC.

Another relevant section is that of mobile devices, and for this the company has Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android , which is included with Trend Micro Security subscriptions.

This is a tool that promises a 99.9% detection rate of malicious apps and keeps users safe from ransomware attacks while connected.

Also, Mobile Security brings new defenses, including notifications to the user before connecting to an insecure wireless network and scanning applications for vulnerabilities.

With respect to WhatsApp , the solution focused on the mobile field blocks dangerous links that may appear in the application, so that the user can be protected against identity theft.