Shortly after completing the tutorial Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you will have to delve into the area known as the Suburb of Ashina, where they await encounters with soldiers, generals, and some other surprise as the ogre chained, a mini-boss that appears to spoil his day any player is that you will be crossing. In this guide, we share a couple of tricks to easily kill that big bastard.

First bar of life: use stealth
Will, this is a more quick and easy. Go to the sanctuary of the stairs and kill the two poor soldiers that you gave clues about the aversion to the fire that has the ogre. With the road clean, go to the ogre that captures your attention. Unfortunately, you still can’t get rid of this bar of life free.

How to get Gyoubu Oniwa, the first head of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

as soon as you hear them shout and wrangle, you’ll already be set as a goal. At that time, salt running backwards, down the stairs, goes to the other side of the great door in the bottom and hide until the music of combat and the health bar of the ogre of the interface.

At this point, the ogre chained will be released and will return to a point "neutral", and by default, just above the stairs. Now, moves by the left side of the stairs while crouching, sneak up, and atácalo in the back. Congratulations: you just tear off a bar of life before starting the battle.