Will test with a limited group of people to solve the problem of space in all of the languages, least japanese, chinese and Korean.

One of the most characteristic features of the social network Twitter is its 140 character limit to the messages published by the users.

But that limit could have its days numbered. And is that Twitter has decided to try to duplicate it, reaching the 280 characters, after checking in some languages it is especially difficult to fit everything you want to say in such a small space.

The research of Twitter have yielded data as only 0.4% of the tweets written in japanese arrive at the 140 characters compared to 9 % of which are written in English. The majority of tweets in japanese are at 15 characters, while a large part of the tweets in English you need to more than double: 34 characters. This leads to the platform of microblogging to conclude that the current limit becomes the cause of frustration for the user community.

Twitter also notes that the people who handle it well with 140 characters, and even gives plenty of space, twitters most.

this way, he has decided to make tests with the 280 characters in all the languages less in japanese, chinese and Korean, three languages able to convey so much in a single character.

“Although we are confident in our data and the positive impact will this change have, we want to try it with a small group of people before taking a decision to launch it to all the world”, explican from Twitter. This means that “we collect data and we will reap the harvest feedback“, indicates, trying to that “less tweets you come across with the character limit”.

yes, Twitter also says that he identifies with the “soon”, just “what makes” the social network “it is a great way to see what is happening”. And “that is something that never change” he says.