it will Raise up to 15 challenges to the participants with tests linked to the web, cryptography, steganography, the ‘reversing’ and ‘exploiting’.

The shortage of talent is an evil that affects the technology sector in general and to branches such as programming or cyber security in particular.

To show that there are people passionate about security with a lot to offer, and reward his worth, the university center, Or-tad, in collaboration with the team at Entelgy Innotec Security, held an event Capture the Flag next week.

Will be the April 26 in its facilities. Up there you will have to move, equipped with their own computers, who want to participate. The organizers will present up to 15 challenges with different degrees of difficulty with tests linked to the web, cryptography, steganography, the reversing and exploiting, which will be developed throughout the day.

Before you start, there will be a talk on Network Team in charge of Eduardo Arriols, a professor at U-tad, Network Team Manager Entelgy Innotec Security and author of the book Chief Information Security Officer, The Network Team of the company.

there Will be three prizes. The first is a case of cyber-security valued at 400 euros and offered by Entelgy Innotec Security. The second is a place at the Summer School on Hacking, offered in this case by U-tad. And the third are three books of Network Team signed by Arriols.