Frances Frei will share her vision on organizational transformation, business planning, management, and leadership.

Uber will tallying up the pieces of their policy gradually. To the search of a Chief Operating Officer who will help you to improve, is now added the incorporación of a  senior vice president for issues of Leadership and Strategy.

The person who fill this position will be Frances Frei, known for being a professor at the Harvard Business School or the business school of Harvard University.

“As one of the authorities most respected in the world in organizational transformation”, point from Uber, Frei “is exceptionally well qualified for this role, and we know that we all have much to learn from it. Your experience”, remarks one of the firms that is revolutionizing the travel industry by hire, “it will be invaluable to the company as we face the next chapter”.

The intention is that the new senior vice president of Leadership and Strategy work with the head of Human Resources, Liane Hornsey.

you will Also need to strengthen ties with other managers to move forward in the business planning, and the organizational transformation, in the adaptation of the philosophy of culture, in management and leadership and training team.