The Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan, has achieved the number one in shipments after close of the second quarter of 2017.

the united States is no longer the market leader in inkjet level of world.

The Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan, has been made with the number one during the second quarter of the year. So reveals IDC, explains that the shipping total printing peripherals for this region was 7,84 million units between the months of April and June, with growth in both the part of laser inkjet.

In the particular case of the injection of ink, the shipments have improved by 4.9 %, that has served to change positions.

“to Relieve the united States in terms of unit shipments of injection of ink this quarter shows that lon-demand inkjet in the region is becoming stronger than ever”, comments about Yexi Liao, an analyst of market of the equipment IPDS for CDI the Asia-Pacific region.

Your market of laser also stands out because it exceeds the rest of the world, thanks to the demand that exists in China. For the fourth consecutive quarter, has led to the increased rate of growth.

it should Be noted, however, that the parties most mature of the Asia-Pacific region are moving away from print to bet for digitization and smart devices. Happens in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Korea.