As part of the weekly schedule Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward released yesterday a problematic update that could have been deleted, temporarily, stats, multiplayer. study reported, during the early morning hours, that he had applied a temporary correction and continued working in the final solution.

The game got to the users with an error messageWhen the download is complete —or one of the multiple downloads— the game received to users with the message: "The data are corrupted or not loaded correctly. You must reset your rank and your unlocked items to continue.", followed by an option in the affirmative and another negative.

The study reported, last night, it had deployed a discrete correction. Restart the new slots arms custom fixed a problem that would bring the players to the home screen, and you have chosen "no" in the options outlined above, there should be no consequences. If you chose the option «yes», then resumed statistics of the record of battle, tables of positions, armaments and custom operators, although without effect on the values of progression as rank, experience, pass, battle, weapons, unlockables, shopping, etc.

"We are working on a solution, but I will tonight. You can still play normally and it will record the progression, but once we have the fix, maybe we should go back to the statistics to how they were before the update today.", explained Infinity Ward. "we will Provide another update when we have more details for those who saw it to restart your stats and, again, thank you for your patience."

From your premiere on October 25, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been receiving constant updates , which add new modes, Unlockable items and maps, but this is the first time one of them causes a bigger problem. Yesterday’s patch increased custom weapon slots, the crossbow added, among other novelties.