“Remote work can probably no longer be considered a luxury, but is a necessity in this new work environment” marked by the coronavirus pandemic. “In fact, remote work has reconfigured a scenario in which personal contacts have been improved, hiring has been simplified and company adaptation has accelerated.”

Shankar Iyer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of VMware’s End User Computing Unit, makes this reflection, highlighting that “technology allows us to adapt the way we work smoothly”.

To face the new normal in which the workforce will be hybrid and distributed, VMware has decided to introduce improvements in its virtual desktop infrastructure and has announced the launch of VMware Horizon 8 .

With this version of your solution, you will allow IT departments to manage desktops and applications in the cloud from a single control plane. VMware Horizon 8 includes expanded cloud deployment options. Support is now available for VMware Horizon on Google Cloud VMware Engine and VMware Horizon on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and will also be available for VMware Horizon on Azure VMware Solution in the future.

VMware uses Instant Clone technology, with dynamic pool expansion and elastic DRS to scale up demand. Instant Clone Smart Provisioning will help to generate clones without a mother virtual machine.

For their part, Linux applications can be published directly from a Linux server on the VMware Horizon platform.

It will also allow the automation of capabilities, such as supervision, enabling and management of users and machines, thanks to RESTful APIs . And the experience has been optimized for audio and video from Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco Webex.