Integrate the technology for management of mobile performance of the company recén acquired with your Digital Workspace Platform.

Now Apteligent is VMware. This has been confirmed by the own VMware that defines his latest acquisition as a “innovative in the performance of mobile applications and knowledge about engagement“.

In particular, Apteligent account with a platform to companies and developers that allows you to real time analysis, on the one hand, the performance of apps. On the other hand, serve to understand the behavior of users.

The goal of technology is to provide visibility and to address problems quickly. The result should be a better time of activity and also a better final experience, basically. “With the technology Apteligent on our side”, indica VMware, is “provides a value proposition that is meaningful that will benefit the organizations through their journey of digital transformation with the management of mobile performance, knowledge of business and behavioral analysis of the application

After the compra Apteligent for an undisclosed amount of money, your product will be renamed Apteligent by VMware. VMware integrate your new technology for management of mobile performance with the Digital Workspace Platform that I already had.