Half-Life: Alyx has managed to be a complete success for critics and the gaming community. The prequel to one of the best-known Valve sagas has brought about a revolution in the catalog of games for virtual reality devices, although the community of modders has made it possible to run it without having these devices .

This is the beginning of a wave of incredible mods The potential of mods in this title is incalculable, so Valve has listened to player requests on the Steam forums and will make a version of Hammer . This software is the level editor that the company itself used to create Half-Life: Alyx, so we can expect a massive wave of mods of spectacular quality from now on .

According to the US Gamer portal , the migration from DOTA 2 a Source 2 , the Alyx engine, caused modders to create a compatible version of Hammer, but it was still missing several key components of the original program and thus , it was impossible to reach the same level.

Image of Half-Life: Alyx