The documentary is now available Half-Life: Alyx — Final Hours by Geoff Keighley on Steam, and it has been able to see some very interesting information about Valve and his projects. One of the most outstanding games for which some details have been known has undoubtedly been Half-Life 3 , but there are other very curious proposals.

The third installment of Left 4 Dead was to take place in Morocco Left 4 Dead 3 , the third installment in the zombie saga that never saw the light, was going to be set in Morocco (via IGN ). The long-awaited Valve game had planned to face hundreds of zombies at once, something that Source 2 did not allow. But this was not the only title based on Left 4 Dead, since Hot Dog (code name) was also going to be based on this franchise, although not much more is known about it.

New details have also been released about an RPG inspired by the Elder Scrolls saga , Dark Souls and Monster Hunter that never got past the early conceptual stages of development. The project ended up leading to a role-playing game with the DOTA Ax character , but it never came to fruition.

Left 4 Dead 3 image