The firm presents a new availability integration for HyperFlex.


Veeam Software has announced the strengthening of its partnership with Cisco by announcing the direct integration of snapshots with the HyperFlex platform.

Veeam Availability Suite will be integrated with the software-defined network technology and the Cisco data platform, which results, as announced by Veeam itself, a solution that offers simplicity and greater efficiency for hybrid cloud.

There are great opportunities in this segment. According to an IDC study, next year more than half of the investments in IT software and IT infrastructure will be in public and private cloud.

The combination of Veeam’s availability solutions such as the Cisco platform allows for an «unprecedented» availability of data and applications, according to Peter McKay, president and COO of Veeam.


In other words, virtually total elimination of production downtime is guaranteed to companies, an absolutely fundamental aspect in a highly digitized environment.

Backups are faster, recovery point objectives are improved, production impact is minimized and HyperFlex workloads can be replicated in other environments (vSphere and Veeam cloud service providers).

Veeam and Cisco have been working hand in hand since 2013, although the announcement they just made strengthens their relationship.