From 9,100 million dollars provided by IDC for this 2017 it will happen in 2018 17,800 million.

The spending combined in augmented reality (RA) and virtual reality (NIV) will be this year of 9,100 million dollars. Of them, 6.800 million will be only to the sector consumption, with almost three-quarters of the spending on hardware and software of virtual reality.

this is the opinion of IDC, which expects the market to continue to grow in years to come.

To begin, in 2018 should reach up to 17,800 million of dollars, which means a yearon-year increase of close to 95 %. Next year over 60% of the spending already comes from the commercial sector, which by 2021 will account for over 85% of the total.

IDC expects that global spending on this type of products and services go on increasing until precisely 2021, with a compound annual growth rate in five years of 98.8 %.

“virtual reality will continue to promote higher levels of spending in the next 12-18 months, as cases of consumer use and commercial gain traction”, comments Tom Mainelli, vice president of program for Devices & AR/VR in IDC:, explains that “currently there is a great appetite on the part of companies who see a huge potential in the technology, from product design to retail sale, to the training of employees,”.

“Meanwhile”, adds this expert, “the market of augmented reality will offer levels more modest spending in the short term with the RA mobile in smartphone and tablets that probably will get the most attention of consumers, while the Head-Mounted Display will be sold mainly in cases of commercial use”.