The success of Fortnite is based on good measure in the constant presence of updates and, on this occasion, we have another extra time challenges of the famous battle royale of Epic Games . In this final event of season 7 of the video game, you have to find a series of waterfalls.

Where is the trick? Look for water, since whenever it is running and not stagnant it obeys the fact that there is a waterfall or waterfall nearby. So you just have to follow the logical flow of water and you will find this type of phenomenon. You must search for a total of 10 waterfalls .

Fortnite challenges guide: Extra time until season 8!

Of course, on the map you have accompanying the news you can take a look at the exact location of the waterfalls, if you don’t want to waste time looking for them. The richest area of ​​all? Balsa Botín , there Fortnite presents up to four waterfalls close together, three of them literally glued to each other.

The challenge It does not support further explanations, it is quite simple, but if you need extra help, think that if you play in Team Scrub you have it easier to see more than half of the falls in the same game.
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