In a market like the Spanish, where are sold almost 13 million terminals per year, Vodafone wants to differentiate itself with specialized services of added value.

During 2017 were sold in Spain 12.7 million smartphones. Ours is one of the countries with the highest penetration of these devices is that 80% of the citizens has at least a mobile. In the face of these figures, Vodafone is strengthening its sales strategy to motivate not only your clients renew their equipment, but also to stay in the carrier.

So, has launched the plan “we”, an initiative based on the marketing of smartphones with specialized services of added value for the customers. Of between his characteristics, stands out the financing interest-free installment for 24 months, 10 GB of additional data per month for a year, after-sales service for repair in less than 5 days, discounts of up to 450€ to deliver a used mobile, insurance mobile or collection express. A good part of them are the most valued customers, according to market research.

keep in mind that of these nearly 13 million terminal, 41% have been sold through the operators, while the other 59% has been through the free market. The percentages from the three main operators are closely matched, so that Vodafone wants to increase its share with the launch in  march of this strategy.

Since the end of handset subsidies by the operators (a real hole in their accounts), Vodafone has sought to gradually increase its portfolio to offer customers great power of choice. is currently has some 50 different models, several of them in exclusive. It is a strategy directed not only at individuals, but also to self-employed persons and businesses of any size, a sector where it offers additional models that are focused on the work environments as devices resistant to dust and water.

on the other hand, Vodafone continues to promote its own brand (Vodafone Smart), which has already sold over a million terminals in our country. The latest additions, designed to popularize the 4G technology, models are Vodafone Smart N9 (132€) and Smart N9 Lite (96€), which improve in features with regard to the previous generation without it affecting their prices, as pointed out, the spokesmen of the operator.