OIGAA Box is aimed at smes and now includes capabilities to synchronise and to monitor copies of proactively.

The communications operator specialized in enterprise VozTelecom has announced a backup service in the cloud up to date.

the service OIGAA Box aimed at smes, which is intended to tackle backups and save the data. Its new version includes functionality to synchronize files and folders between users and devices, for the storage in local and to monitor proactively copies. Also offers a personalized management of the alerts.

Another feature of OIGAA Box is the compliance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data Spanish. Among other things it does is ensure that the data, which do not travel outside of Spanish territory, are available for portability and deletion.

“while all the companies are aware of the importance of performing backups, the reality is that most of smes used manual systems, with no recovery protocols”, said Xavier Casajoana, ceo of VozTelecom. Casajoana he adds that he “keep the copy in the same company,” despite the risks posed by this type of decisions.

“With OIGAA Box”, says the manager, “we intend to facilitate and professionalise the most of this process for the smbs, offering a full-service copy, monitoring and recovery, tailored to the needs of each client. Now, in addition, we expanded the service with new features storage and collaboration for the user, always under a single interface and management portal”.