So, reveals Trend Micro, which considers 2016 “the year of the extortion online” and that warns you that the families of ransomware was shot in the last year, a 752 %.

Trend Micro it is clear: “2016 was the year of the extortion online”. So says with the publication of his report Balance of security 2016: record year for threats to your business.

over the past year, has noticed a special incidence of malware as the ransomware and scams through emails corporate committed, what is known as BEC.

The number of families of ransomware shot a 752 %, to such an extent that the cyber criminals ended up gaining close to 1,000 million dollars. In terms of scams BEC, have caused a loss of $ 140,000 for media companies.

“The diversification and increasing sophistication threat has done that cybercriminals have shifted from individual objectives to objectives more economically profitable: the companies”, said Ed Cabrera, director of cyber security for Trend Micro.

“During 2016, we have witnessed how the agents of threats of extorting money from companies and organizations for the sake of profitability, without which we can anticipate that it is going to produce a slowing down of this trend”, adds Cabrera, who notes that “this research aims to prevent and raise the awareness of companies about the tactics of threat used actively for compromising their data, and help them to adopt measures and strategies to anticipate and protect yourself from potential attacks”.

through Trend Micro Smart Protection Network blocked some 81,000 to millions of threats in 2016, representing a yearon-year increase of 56 %. Only in the second half came to block more than 3,000 attacks each second.

it is Also worth noting that Trend Micro and Zero Day Initiative found a total of 765 vulnerabilities.

The vulnerabilities in Apple have grown 145 %. Microsoft fell 47 %, according to data provided by Trend Micro. Yes, the majority of the bugs were found in Adobe Acrobat Reader, DC and Advantech WebAcces.