This year there will be no traditional WWE 2K delivery, as 2K announced a few months ago. Instead, we can see wrestling from another point of view with WWE 2K Battlegrounds . The franchise goes to the arcade to follow the line that the company has already done with sagas like NBA 2K . In the absence of Just over a month to go to launch , its managers have shown the game modes of this proposal that will bring a dose of madness to the ring .

These are the various game modes that we will find in WWE 2K Battlegrounds:

< p class = 's16 fftext c2 lh27 img100 a_n'> Campaign mode : A discipline for a player told through a comic, in which to recruit WWE Superstars to overcome challenges. «Join Paul Heyman and Stone Cold Steve Austin as you travel the world to meet the new Superstars for an entirely new WWE brand.»

It will be the most extensive mode of the game that will offer juicy extras: «Play as one of the 7 new Superstars created, such as Bolo Reynolds or Jessica Johnson, while traveling through different regions fighting against WWE Superstars, reaching goals and unlocking WWE Superstars, power-ups and items «.

Exhibition mode : Fight with your friends or Family, online up to four players or on the couch in your favorite combat modes, including:

King of The mode Battleground : It will be a kind of battle royale inspired by wrestling: «Fight to become the last man (or woman) standing while you and up to seven other players online! try to throw each other out of the ring! The longer you stay in the arena, the higher your score. The moment you send someone flying, another Superstar waits outside the ring to enter the fray. «

Online Tournament Mode : Fight online for rewards in limited-time tournaments that offer a wide variety of victory conditions.

Battleground challenge mode : Fight from the bottom to the top! Create your own WWE Superstar and overcome all adversities against you.