Seville, Barcelona and Bilbao, are the cities that will take place on the Partner Roadshow of WatchGuard during the month of April.

WatchGuard has included in its portfolio of products to the security service Threat Detection and Response (TDR). And, to get to know its properties, has decided to jump into the road.

Between what remains of this month of march and the end of April, the company will perform a Partner Roadshow that will take you to different Spanish cities. The intention is to present this service able to correlate events of network security and jobs through intelligence threats. Although there will also be time to show to partners, existing or potential, solutions WatchGuard Cloud WiFi, Firebox, Cloud and FireboxV and to shell the program MSSP.

After a first stop in Madrid, the company has shifted today until Valencia to explain your proposal. It is then the turn of Sevilla, Barcelona and Bilbao which will take place on this Partner Roadshow day 4, 20 and 26 April, respectively. All sessions will last half a day, from 9:30 until 14:00 hours.

“the inclusion of The service TDR reinforces the bundle ‘Total Security’ WatchGuard, making it the one-time offer of UTM that provides a correlation between network events and jobs, in addition to offering the intelligence threats that have large companies, without the cost and complexity”, has sought to highlight WathGuard to announce this tour.

“TDR also allows you to automate the response threats”, added to its creators, “working in conjunction with existing solutions and with the prevention, detection, correlation and response in a single SKU”.