success of the games of the series the Witcher CD Projekt RED makes the fans are very attentive to all of the new features of the new series of Netflix, which adapted the adventures of a literary of the character. A few weeks of its release, the makers of this production offer new and interesting information of the series, as its bet for the special effects, analog, or the age that will have Geralt at the start of the series.

as stated in Redanian Intelligence, producer Lauren Hissrich and the actress Freya Allan, who plays Ciri, have provided many new data about the development of the production and the challenges that has led to his shooting. Their statements cover all type of points, from the relationships of the characters, their origins, or the privilege that has been filming in various castles in Poland, Austria and Hungary.

Geralt will be almost 100 years old, an age that does not appear due to the effects of its mutation.Especially interesting are the statements of the team about the evolution of the character of Ciri from the events of this first season, or the constant clash of Geralt with the policy of the different territories that you visit during your adventures. A curiosity about the warlock has been the confirmation of his age at the time of the start action: Geralt will almost 100 years, an age that does not appear due to the effects of its mutation and rituals and potions that are typical of their profession.

Hissrich says that it is "a point, quite fun to start with, is actually a character on the brink of a new journey", since this is a man who thought he had everything controlled, but that must cope with new and unforeseen situations.

fans will have to wait until December 20 to see this new version of Geralt on Netflix, and while gamers will be able to enjoy your trip with the latest edition to the Nintendo Switch The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition , while Xbox One users can download soon The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt thanks to Xbox Game Pass .