the company’s shares have risen 6.9% in the Tokyo Stock exchange, the largest volume in a month.

Toshiba Corp., that is recover lost labyrinth your unit Westinghouse Electric, is being driven by the shareholders to carry your business equipment nuclear finally to bankruptcy.

So, the company’s shares have risen 6.9% on the Tokyo Stock exchange, the largest volume in a month, since the conglomerate announced that the Board of Westinghouse study to present your quiebraunder Chapter 11 of the u.s. law.

Toshiba has been dealing with delays in the construction of the projects of Westinghouse in the US, which has led him to accumulate a loss of 712.500 million yen (6.200 million dollars). The company reported earlier this month that it is rethinking the position of Westinghouse within the group and that can deconsolidate the subsidiary through the sale of a shareholding.

Also, in order to compensate for a loss potentially greater, the japanese giant has since for sale their precious business of memory chips.

“The bankruptcy of Westinghouse is really the only way for Toshiba to limit the risks of new losses in the business,” said Kazunori Ito, an analyst for Morningstar Investment Services.

Westinghouse also seems to be gathering to a team of lawyers and advisers to help you in your restructuring. The division has contracted with PJT Partners, Inc. and AP Services, LLC, in accordance with sources pointing Bloomberg.