The process of digital transformation which we live is changing the organization chart of the companies, which have to incorporate new talent to meet this demand. What are these new functions?

When we speak of digital transformation, it is usual to think of the incorporation of new technologies in the organization, changes in processes and in decision making, modification of the corporate culture… But all of that means nothing without the human capital.

The digitization and incorporation of technology in companies is accompanied by entry of new talent and the arrival in the company of people with skills different to those that had already. The latest Barometer of the Talent and Culture Digital of ISDI indicates that the 28,72% of the posts are covered only with internal talent, while in the 60,64% of the cases combining internal talent with consultants, digital and/or new hires. That is to say, using a combination of internal talent and external, although the capacities that are already within the company have a prominent role. For this reason, it is very important for organizations to detect people more suitable for the digital switchover, that could cover the posts digital if they receive the proper training.

And for that it is essential to know what are the posts which are to be covered. As a response to this need, Meta4 and ISDI have developed their ‘Guide to the digitization of talent’, reveals that one of the main challenges for companies is that often do not have these digital profiles are embedded in your catalog job. So, ISDI has identified 14 new digital profiles that can serve as a guide for companies. Are the following:

Social Media Strategist. Is responsible to define, establish and manage the Social Media strategy, with a unique vision of the brand. It is responsible for the conversation is generated with the user through social channels.

Search Engine Marketing Especialist (SEM). takes care of grow the brand and sales through the internet search engines. This includes campaigns that involve Google services such as YouTube Ads and GDN (Google Display Network).

E-commerce Manager. Develops the strategy online sale of the organization. His work includes development of market research, budgets, control of the technological structure and testing of solutions.

Performance Manager/Paid Media Manager. Your goal is to generate more traffic to the sites of the company with the lowest cost possible Also planned advertising campaigns in digital channels.

Chief Digital Officer. Leads the organization to grow in a sustainable manner, focusing on the business and the customer. Receives the report of the teams marketing, communication and CRM.

Growth Hacker. Detect new ways to grow the business. Works with both startups need to grow fast as in mature organizations that are intraemprendiendo.

Chief Data Officer (CDO)/Chief Information Officer (CIO). Defines and optimizes the long-term strategy with respect to the government for the information. focuses on data governance, data architecture & technology and data analytics.

Chief Marketing Officer. Designs and implements the strategy of digital marketing through different channels. It is a strategic profile that will help to understand the benefits of digitization.

Chief Experience Officer. He is in charge of the user experience. His job is to ensure consistency in the different channels and contact moments for the different products and services.

Service Design Strategist. Take charge of the customer strategy through technology, content and design. They have technical, business and product responsibility.

Data Analyst. Specialized in the quantitative and qualitative data analysis of the digital environment. Provides valuable information for decision-making based on objective facts.

Affiliate Marketing Manager. Design and direct the affiliate network strategy. Its mission is to raise the identified conversation rates (click, register, purchase, etc.) with the lowest possible cost.

Search Organic Marketing Specialist (SEO). It carries the organic positioning strategy (SEO) of the company, optimizing the results in internet search engines.

Community Manager. Defines and manages the social media communication plan. Its objective is to generate conversations around the brand, build community and turn followers into promoters.