Enjoy some food and drinks while we spend hours playing The Last of Us, Halo, World of Warcraft or Animal Crossing can be the perfect complement always that we keep within healthy eating habits.

Europe is shown with a few figures as discrete from the restA study by Newzoo (via Kotaku) shows the percentages of players that they eat while they enjoy their favorite games. We have divided the data into different classifications, with a 88% of men likely to eat while they play in the strip 21 to 35 years of age in Europe. The united states exceeds the number with a 91%, while India and Indonesia top the chart with 94% and 93%, respectively.

The figures also include the beverage, highlighting among the snacks favorites, the candy, salted, being the snack favorite countries of Asia and Oceania. What is certain is that the entertainment is usually accompanied by something to eat, as long as we want.

let us also Remember that last month, a controversial portrait of what they called "the player of the future" appeared on the Internet causing all kinds of memes and jokes on him to be a deformation grotesque of the reality.