Gartner recommends that companies that have not begun to deploy virtual assistants “to interact with customers and employees,” that do it already, because it will be one of those technologies.

businesses are moving towards digitization. And towards the introduction of machines. Although according to the experts, will there be space for everything.

“human beings will continue to be at the centre of the work, even to the extent that the software and the intelligent machines will become our companions work”, ensures Matt Cain, vice president of Gartner, explains that “CIOs must anticipate how the trends in business, society, technology and information will converge to change where, when and with whom we work,”.

These managers also should take into account “the digital dexterity of the labor force”.

During the next few years it is expected that a number of technologies impact and transform the world as we know it. Some of them more short-term, while others will take more time.

For example, Gartner points to the discovery of data in the form of “augmented data discovery” for the automatic work with complex data. This will be one of the transformative technologies for the next 2-5 years, as well as what will be the personal analysis or the analysis of data is contextually relevant to get personalized information, recommendations, and predictions. Here come the assistants of shopping, finance and health, whose general adoption is expected by 2020.

Something more will take the user interfaces conversational who understand the natural language and that are seen as an alternative to the interfaces graph. Its impact is estimated to within 5-10 years, even though they would be leaving a note in the form of chatbots, virtual speakers, and messaging platforms.

we must Not forget the virtual assistants who will assume tasks that previously only were the people thanks to the artificial intelligence and machine learning. Gartner believes that it will gain importance with the was posaplicación.

“companies that have not begun the process of deployment” attendees “to interact with customers and employees should begin now”, recommended to Cain.