The security firm Trend Micro is warning that the RESTful API of some chat solutions can be exploited with malicious goals.

cybercriminals are turning to new messaging apps with the intention of taking advantage of them as command and control infrastructure.

So, warns the security company Trend Micro, you have investigated platforms like Slack, Telegram and Discord, as well as customers autohospedados and social networks such as HipChat, Mattermost, Facebook and Twitter.  

His conclusion is that “several of the RESTful API of the platforms of chat could be exploited for malicious purposes”. From Trend Micro remind us that “historically, many have used IRC and similar services to configure servers C&C, but this traffic is largely banned inside of organizations today, by what the criminals are looking to exploit new channels” that are used in companies.

Given that many solutions that are used to talk between multiple users offer APIs to integrate chat services basic custom applications without leaving the platform, the risk increases. Cybercriminals could “exploit the compatibility of the API of the platform chat with the machines infected with malware C&C remotely and do perform malicious activities”.

in The end it is observed that the cacos are adapted to the new times and could gain unauthorized access to corporate data by exploiting services that are legitimate.

in Addition to recommending the providers of applications a rethinking about the possible implications of the APIs, the experts advise companies to train their employees in security issues, be strict with the guidelines-safe use, cancel non-essential chat in the work and study the services to be used in search of suspicious activity.