The acquisition would be Apple to integrate the capabilities of Shazam in its streaming service Apple Music and iTunes store, among its other music offerings.

Apple could acquire Shazam, the application of music recognition is already integrated in the virtual assistant Siri (of Apple), as has been pointed out to Bloomberg people familiar with the matter.

The application Shazam uses the microphone on a smartphone to identify almost any song playing in the vicinity. The purchase could help Apple to integrate this capability more deeply into its music offerings, including its streaming service Apple Music and shop iTunes. If Apple had deleted Shazam from the app store Google mobile could be a key differentiator to potential customers.

The acquisition could valuing Shazam at around $ 404 million, but the figure could be a hit for some investors, including mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, and the signatures of venture capital Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Institutional Venture Partners and DN Capital Ltd.

The startup, with a history of 18 years in the market, valued at about 1,000 million dollars when you close your last round of funding in 2015.

None of the two companies has confirmed the negotiations. Last week Apple acquired the search engine podcast Pop Up Archive for an undisclosed sum.