Strategy Analytics believe that “4G will come to Apple Watch before the end of 2017, to propel the market smartwatch to 20% of cellular penetration”.

The smartwatch par excellence, Apple Watch, you could take a big step forward before the end of the year.

And is that the smart watch of Apple could break with the dependence, which it now has with another device of the signature of the apple bite. This is, with the iPhone. So is rumorea and so what deck, among others, the research firm Strategy Analytics.

Its director, Cliff Raskind, afirma “4G will come to Apple Watch before the end of 2017 to propel the market smartwatch to the 20% penetration cell, and beyond”.

Raskind believes that “mobile operators around the world will receive a very good shake to sell this device, by 2018,” or even “by the end of 2017, depending on the countries of launch”. In fact, both operators such as Apple and Intel, which met the forecasts would be the manufacturer of the chip used in the new Apple Watch “they seem to be the big winners here,”. Or what will be if you keep it in “ergonomics and usability”.

failing that Apple will make the release to confirm (or disprove) the rumors, in Strategy Analytics already imagining the possibility of making calls through the watch in combination “with a pair of EarPods” and “best user experiences services cloud“.

This would be “agreed to both by end users of Apple and developers”, says Raskind.