After the growing success from The Last of Us Part II in its debut, questions about the future of the saga seem inevitable. Neil Druckmann , game director, shed a little light a few days ago on a possible third installment , but that’s still a long way, if Naughty Dog comes to consider it.

However, let’s remember that the first title of The Last of Us received a few hours DLC of duration called Left Behind which expanded the story of < b> Ellie . When asked if we will also see some kind of expansion in the zombie game sequel, it seems that the answer is not very clear.

The first installment had a DLC called Left Behind Neil Druckmann has spoken to Kinda Funny in his podcast analyzing the game thoroughly (with spoilers included). When in doubt about whether we would see a DLC, Druckmann admits that Naughty Dog has no plans for it for now . Therefore, it will take a considerable time to see if the company decides to carry out an expansion.