Since Microsoft have revealed the figures reached by the latest version of its popular operating system.


Good news for Windows 10 , since the operating system has been activated on 400 million devices as of the date of September 26.

That data implies that the Microsoft platform has reaped excellent results in recent months , since at the end of March it was present in 207 million devices, and at the beginning of May the figure was 300 millions.

Microsoft executives have specified that the statistics of Windows 10 cover the installation, not only on PCs, tablets and smartphones, but also on Xbox One consoles , as well as in HoloLens and Surface Hubs .

In the Redmond company they have also commented that have professionals working on a new security function for their Edge browser , which all points to that it will be container-based isolation, which will arrive from the hand of a technology that receives the code name of «Barcelona».

In addition, they highlighted that in early 2017, the advanced Windows protection defend against threats (ATP), will be implemented in Office 365 in the corporate versions of Word , Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint Online and OneDrive.