Salesforce extends the reach of Einstein Voice Assistant, available for creating voice applications for different functions and sectors.


A year ago Einstein Voice Assistant was presented so that sales professionals could talk to Salesforce. Thus, routine CRM transactions ended up being performed orally.

Now these voice capabilities are expanded . Einstein Voice Assistant will guide each action and allow to address any function or sector, giving voice to all applications created with Salesforce . To this end, Salesforce has announced new Einstein skills with which developers and administrators will have the resources to create voice-based applications for all types of employees on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform and with a few clicks.

“The voice represents a huge change for the industry and will have the same impact in business, in our homes. With Einstein, Salesforce is bringing the power of the voice to all the companies, offering to all a guide to smart and trusted in the work”, says Bret Taylor, president and chief Product officer of Salesforce.

With Einstein Voice Skills it is possible to redesign work flows, replacing the manual input of data or the navigation manual. For example, you can work on the actions of update field, create task, or read a prediction. In practice, this means to provide each employee with a custom CRM.

Salesforce has also reported that the service Cloud Service Voice of voice in the cloud will unify into one platform phone, digital channels and CRM data and provide recommendations. Can be integrated with transcription services for voice to text in real-time.

While, Einstein Call Coaching will allow you to identify trends within conversations, including mentions on the competition, and implement best practices in case of consultation or negotiation.