In addition, given the possibility of covering a certain position, companies usually interview only male candidates.


The inequality in the technology industry is a reality that reflects the diversity reports published by the companies themselves. The profile of the most represented worker is usually that of a white man.

But, in addition, there is a wage gap at the technological level that should be reduced. This is confirmed by the data provided by Hired , which highlights that by the same work in the same company men end up charging more . In fact, 63% of the time women receive offers that are worse paid than men. On average, candidates receive 4% lower salary proposals. There are even companies that extend offers 50% lower.

It should also be noted that more than half of the time (53%) only men are interviewed before the possibility of covering a certain charge. The percentage of cases in which only women are contacted is 6%.

By race, white men are the ones who earn the most . In any case, all men usually receive offers with a better salary than women, except when comparing the situation of black men with that of white women. White women are offered 2% higher salaries in this comparison.

Hired has also analyzed candidates for sexual orientations and gender identities. And he has discovered that LGBTQ candidates earn less than non-LGBTQ candidates. Meanwhile, LGBTQ men earn more than women in any group.