Several creative BioWare has criticized the lack of a clear direction in Anthem for part of their heads, which ended up affecting the development of the game, but they also point to the technology Frostbite as an important barrier that hampered a lot the creation of this action-adventure co-op. "Frostbite is covered by razor blades", has secured a creative after Anthem. And this seems to be a view shared by hundreds of developers who have worked with the technology designed by the fathers of the Battlefield series.

"Frostbite is like an engine of your own with all the problems that entails… and also the problems derived from working with an external technology", says one creative. "Really anyone with whom you work designed it, so that you don’t finish to know why it works the way it does", he adds. This class of problems already occurred during the development of Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect: Andromeda, but while increased experience with this technology, there were also new problems.

it Is very difficult to create a video game in which you have to fight at all hours with your own business toolsunlike his previous projects with Frostbite, this was a game dump in the multiplayer, so a great part of the work done in Dragon Age and Mass Effect didn’t serve in Anthem. The creative from BioWare highlights that many of the ideas that they had envisioned for the game could hardly become a reality with this new technology. Yes, you could design large and beautiful cities or scenarios, but did not have the necessary tools to give life to the prototypes years ago, they created the developers of BioWare.

as if that were not enough, to correct errors or make changes in the video game supposed to large doses of work, which is not always ended up in good port. "The biggest problem I had with Frostbite was the amount of steps needed to give you to do something basic", says a creative. "With another engine could do something myself, or maybe with a designer. Here is one more thing".

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