In the last days some users have been warned of how hard it is to find Xbox One’s in some businesses such as Amazon. On this topic we wanted to pronounce Microsoft, ensuring that the machine is still selling while the high demand for these dates, it got complicated.

We’ve seen an explosion in the demand for the Xbox these past few months"Xbox One S is still available, we only change the numbers of the reference. Amazon is a bit confusing at the time of display products", explains on Twitter Dan Tavares, head of planning of consoles in the technology giant from Redmond. "We have seen an explosion in the demand for the Xbox these past few months. has Not been easy to keep up to date, but blessed problem", added on his personal Twitter.

Xbox One’s, remember, is the revision of the original model of the machine from the current generation Microsoft has a version without a reading unit that, together with Xbox One X makes up the current family of consoles company founded by Bill Gates.

good news for Microsoft in the face of the impending release of the long Xbox Series X with its presentation of video games scheduled for July 23. The platform of the next generation of the technology giant will hit the stores by the end of the year and you could receive later on another console with a purchase cost lowest.