Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are on sale now . And if there’s one thing the two releases have shared, it’s out of stock . Consoles fly out of stores when restocking units, and with a reserve model like the current one, getting a console becomes a struggle to be the fastest to press F5, in addition to deal with bots and saturated shopping websites. An archaic model, says Phil Spencer , who believes that the industry needs to find new ways to manage product launches .

We want people to feel that there are consoles for sale Phil Spencer In his recent interview for The Verge , the Xbox leader comments that the company is studying currently implement other reservation models than usual. As, for example, the possibility that the consumer «reserves his place» in the stores, paying for the console in advance even when there is no stock, with the guarantee that the store will send them a unit as available. And the objective is none other than to offer that guarantee , that people have the certainty that they are going to get the product.

«We want people to feel that there are consoles for sale, and not just on that day when everyone goes to pick up their console. I don’t know if that [the model traditional] is the right decision today. It’s a way of thinking of yesteryear , people queuing outside stores, a way of thinking of the past decade, «says Phil Spencer. «I think we should ask ourselves certain things about it.» The truth is that the latest releases are a good example that the current reservation model has a lot of room for improvement, something that could encourage necessary changes.

< p class = 's16 fftext c2 lh27 img100 a_n'> I think this will make us think of new models Phil Spencer «I think this form of business is ending, both for us and for Sony . Jim Ryan, I have a lot of respect for him, we both regret the development of these reservations, and what a problem are we really going to solve when it seems we still have as many annoying consumers as we do. there is, since they can’t get hold of our product. I think this will make us think about new models «for reservations, says Phil Spencer, who adds that the important thing is to offer» more clarity «to the user about when they will have a console.

« It is something we are working on «, he concluded the executive. Out of stock, and disputed preorders, have been a frequent issue this year, not just on PS5 and Xbox Series. PC users have also had theirs with the launch of Nvidia Series 30 , highly coveted cards that have limited stock until 2021 . We will see if Microsoft finds that new model they are looking for, in the face of future releases, but in the meantime, we leave you with our Xbox Series X and S review .