Every so often, Microsoft holds a new Free Play Days event, whereby subscribers of Xbox Live Gold —including, of course, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service — You can install and play for free some very powerful games for a limited time. This weekend is one of those moments, and we already know the graceful titles.

As you can read on the blog official, these are Overwatch: Origins Edition , Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and Saints Row IV: Re-Elected . They are all Xbox One generation games, but of course you can play them also on Xbox Series X | S via backward compatibility if you have enough hard drive space left for all of them.

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You have until Monday, June 28 at 9:00 (Spanish mainland time) to enjoy these titles. After that time, if you have not acquired their respective user licenses, they will disappear from your library , although at least you will keep the achievements and progress that you have obtained during the game to resume from you left if you dare to buy the game in turn at some point.

In the specific case of Overwatch, in fact, Microsoft makes it a bit easier with a downgrade that takes Blizzard’s hero shooter up to 19.79 euros. It is the Legendary Edition, in fact, that includes some special cosmetic content that you can take to Overwatch 2 whenever it is released, merging servers with those of the first game.