Marvel’s Avengers It is being criticized in recent times, and everything comes as a result of a specific news. This week, it has been confirmed that Spider-Man will be an exclusive character in the PlayStation version , something predictable if we take into account that Sony is the owner of the rights to the character , but not for that reason it has been best received by PC and Xbox One users. It is the latter who are now calling for a boycott of the game in protest , claiming to receive a multiplatform game with less content, but at the same price as the version of PS4.

Through the Xbox One forums on Reddit, a post asks console users to take part in a boycott against Marvel’s Avengers and the exclusivity of content on PlayStation, not as «a shout of fanboyis mo «, but rather as» consumers who defend themselves «. In it, its creator alleges that «with the official confirmation that Spider-Man will be available in the new Avengers game, but only for PS4 owners, I can’t help but feel like I’m being scammed. >. This is not a PlayStation exclusive, but a multiplatform title that is sold to us at the same price but with less content . We are paying the same price for less. «

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«We are consumers and we are in a position to make ourselves heard with the power of our wallets. Have some dignity and refuse to be treated as clients second. Do not buy this game «, concludes the message. Since the news was known, some hashtags have appeared on the networks in protest of the game, while this message itself has already accumulated more than 2,400 responses, some in favor and others against, although of the 14,400 votes that adds the publication at the time of writing this news, 83% are positive .

Likewise , if you take a look at the home page of r / XboxOne , it’s easy to find posts from fans lamenting this Spider-Man PS4 exclusivity .It is still too early to anticipate whether or not his call for a boycott will be successful, although since Spider-Man’s rights are owned by Sony , it will hardly change anything between now and the premiere. We remind you that yesterday it was also confirmed that PlayStation users will have exclusive access to costumes and challenges of the game before in the rest of platforms, but if you want to know more information about the game, beyond its exclusivities, here is our Marvel’s Avengers preview .

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