it will Also allow access to the photos that were taken with the mobile when you are working with the computer.

Yahoo wants to facilitate life to users of its email service. Both connect to the internet through a mobile device as they do from the desktop.

has updated their apps of Yahoo Mail for iOS and Android, first, enter an id. The function Caller ID will enable you to keep the user informed at all times about who is calling you on the phone but do not save the number of the incoming call on your device. What Yahoo does is to use information stored by way of contacts of email to assign a name to the caller.

“we’ve all been there: let a call from an unknown number go to voice mail, only to realize that it was the person that just sent an e-mail”, comentan from Yahoo. “Or sit down in front of your laptop to send photos to friends and remember that they are trapped in your phone. Now, thanks to the Yahoo Mail, you’ll never have to guess who is calling you or send you a photo of yourself for the email once again”.

And is that Yahoo Mail also has advanced on the exchange of images. Allow access without the photographs that have been taken with the mobile when you are working with the computer. This is possible thanks to the new feature of loading photos.

the latter means that the most recent photos of the mobile will be available to its owner when accessing your mail account through the desktop. Furthermore, it will be able to use search by using technology of image recognition and may remove content in the email without affecting the material that you have stored in the phone.